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Academy Resource Management Group

Specializing in Charter School Management Solutions

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Ever-changing market conditions, school growth & expansion create a burden on back-office duties. We help charter schools overcome these challenges by conducting their back–office duties, providing quality people to service staffing needs & being a leader in facilities management. ARM Group always puts you first, listening to your individual needs & customizing the best solutions for your business success!

Our Mission.

ARM Group’s mission is to remove the day-to-day operational challenges administrators face, thus empowering leaders to create & lead successful & innovative charter schools. ARM Group frees up the duties of charter school staff allowing them to focus on their core mission: helping their students thrive!

What we Do.

We provide high quality charter school service solutions including: STAFFING: sourcing high quality, experienced personnel ; FACILITY MANAGEMENT: managing school facilities (tracks, gymnasiums, lecture theatres etc.) ; EVENT MANAGEMENT: academic, athletic & extra-curricular events taking place on charter school grounds. Let us help your business reach it's full potential!

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Facility & Event Management

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