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Why use ARM?

As the school budget gets tighter, ARM commits to relieving the burdens you face by streamlining the rising costs of education. We are a local firm that costs less than a consultant or agency, provides for both project and long-term needs, and has an easy, pay and billing rate system. Academy Resource Management Group is completely service minded, customizing personnel packages and offering the most it can to its customers.Academy Resource Management - ARM - was founded with the desire to provide charter school solutions for a changing and challenging job market. We free up your duties, empowering you to lead successful & innovative schools!

Industry Trends

Outsourcing continues to be a significant factor in development and growth. While the pure definition of outsourcing is often overused and can be a divisive conversation in the current political arena, it is undeniably a useful tool in a wide variety of organizations. As labor laws ebb, flow and stall in state and federal legislature, local organizations are forced to look at viable alternatives to streamline labor, maximize space and trim costs. Academy Resource Management is committed to find solutions for the education industry.


Client Testimonials

We always strive for the right employer/employee fit!

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